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Investment Immigration Program of Singapore


IAC is professional in handling the investment immigration application for the entrepreneurs and investors who are interested in applying for Investment Immigration of Singapore:



Application Conditions and Investment Program

1. Applicants with entrepreneurial experience and business experience


Application Conditions:

● The principal applicant needs to have practical experience of running a business and is a major shareholder of the company

● The company’s main turnover in most recent 1 year needs to reach more than 3,000.00 Singapore dollars (about 150.00 million Yuan)

● The company’s average amount of main turnover in most recent 3 years needs to reach more than 3,000 Singapore dollars (about 150.00 million Yuan)

● If the applicant is the senior manager in the employed company, he/she needs to have the management experience of more than 10 years, and is also taking in charge of the company's senior management work at present; the company's turnover needs to reach more than 100 million Singapore dollars (about 500.00 million Yuan).Whereas, for the applicant of this kind, he/she only can choose the following Investment Program (A)


Investment Program:

Investment Program (A): investing 2,5 million Singapore dollars (about 12.8 million Yuan) in developing a new business in Singapore; or expanding the existing business

Investment Program (B): investing 2,5 million Singapore dollars (about 12.8 million Yuan) in the immigration funds approved by Singapore government


Investment Period

The investment period is 5 years as of the date that the permanent resident visa is formally approved


The entrepreneurs can make the application together with his/her direct-affiliated members

1) Spouse

2) Children under 21 years old

3) The applicant can make the application of five-year Long Term Visit Pass - LTVP for parents or children that haven’t made the immigration application. During the period of stay in Singapore, it can be updated according the effectiveness of the principal applicant's re-entry permit.


Application Procedures

First Stage: Preliminary Assessment and Analysis

The applicant needs to submit relevant personal data, required documents and the details of the investment project Program. Then our company will make the Planning for the applicant related to the preliminary assessment and detailed discussion


Second Stage: Approval in Principal

Submit the determined Planning report and relevant documents to Singapore Economic Development Board or Monetary Authority of Singapore and make the application. If the applicant needs to take an interview, our company can assign specialists to assist. If the application is accepted, Singapore Economic Development Board or Monetary Authority of Singapore will issue an approval-in-principal letter and the general validity for the approval in principal is 6 months.


Third Stage: Final Approval

Within 6 months after the approval in principal, the applicant needs to deposit the investment fund to the Singapore government and propose the final approval application; whereas, the investment project needs to be sustained for five years or more.


Application Time

The application time needed is about 6 months.


Required Documents (Applicant and Each Family Member)

● Audit Report of the most recent 3 years (it needs to be profitable)

● Notarial Certificate of Business License

● Notarial Certificate of Capital Verification Report

● Notarial Certificate of Articles of Association

● ID Card

● Notarial Certificate of Passport

● Notarial Certificate of Birth Certificate

● Notarial Certificate of Household Register

● 6 recent photos (40 mm x 55mm)   

● Notarial Certificate of Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

● Present Employment Certificate

● If the applicant has changed the name/divorced/widowed/adopted children or included children of the previous marriage into the application, relevant documentary proof needs to be submitted.

(All the Chinese documents issued in Chinese mainland need to be translated into English by the notary office and the original notarial certificates need to be submitted. Copies of the documents to be translated need to be attached in the first page of the notarial certificate, and then the English translation & notarization thereafter.)



The consultancy service charge is SGD15,000.00 for each family.



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